14 June 2007
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Alberto Sughi enters the Artist Works Catalogue


Alberto Sughi has been inserted in the Contemporary section of the Artist Works Catalogue. The Catalogue in the words of Artnet, its publisher is a "Research comprehensive artist information with artnet’s Artist Works Catalogues library, a resource developed in close collaboration with artists, estates and galleries. This body of Modern and Contemporary artists’ sites brings insight into the depth and scope of extraordinary artists’ oeuvres, and it serves as a research tool for students, faculty, museum curators, researchers, dealers and collectors.

Artist Works Catalogues reflect the dynamic nature of the Web, and our goal is to present a growing body of artists’ online monographs. Unlike published print monographs and catalogues raisonnés, these are living catalogues, which will be constantly updated as artists create new works and estates release additional information. artnet offers these catalogues free to the public as an educational resource. Simply click on an individual artist’s image to begin, and check back often to browse new catalogues."

14 June 2007

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