March 2007



Alberto Sughi


Cesena , Biblioteca Malatestiana,

23/03/2007 to 22/07/2007

Curator: Vittorio Sgarbi

Catalogue: SKIRA

This exhibition is a large retrospective, with over 50 works on display, covering the career of Alberto Sughi, the famous artist and citizen from Cesena. Loneliness and the inability to communicate, suffering and pleasure are the dominant themes of his profound poetics, from sensuality to social criticism, often tinged with bitter irony, depicted using a deliberately meagre and rough palette, tending towards the monochrome in his more recent works, yet so effective.
During his long career Alberto Sughi has always been an attentive observer of modern life and the most striking aspects of our daily existence. He has made a shockingly accurate study of human poverty, with an impartial eye, and he meticulously reports events, feelings and perversions, without sentimentality or condemnation. He leaves the observer to make moral judgements. His painting does not explain, it simply represents, without filtering. His social criticism emerges in his clear depiction of the degeneration, anger, sadness and suffering of the upper middle classes, but he does not feel the need to discuss the moral implications, confining his work to the well-documented report within a severe and silent context.

The exhibition that will be held inside the prestigious Biblioteca Malatestiana, has been strongly wanted by the city of Cesena, to celebrate a great artist and one of his most illustrious citizens.
(translated by Joëlle Crowle)


From 23/03/2007 to 22/07/2007

Cesena , Biblioteca Malatestiana,

1 Piazza Bufalini - Cesena


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